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I tidskrifter med review-ordning

Two Approaches for Modelling Hydrate Growth
T Buanes, B Kvamme, A Svandal
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Volume 46, pp. 811-819, 2009

Exploitation of natural gas hydrate reservoirs combined with long term storage of CO2
B. Kvamme, A. Graue, T. Kuznetsova, T. Buanes, G. Ersland
WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, Volume 2, pp. 699-710, 2006

Kinetics of hydrate growth on the CO2/aqueous solution interface
B Kvamme, T Buanes, T Kuznetsova
WSEAS Transactions on Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 1, pp. 612-617, 2006

Multi-scale approach to CO2-hydrate formation in aqueous solution: Phase field theory and molecular dynamics. Nucleation and growth
G. Tegze, T. Pusztai, L. Grànàsy, A. Svandal, T. Buanes. T. Kuznetsova, B. Kvamme
Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 124, 2006

Computer simulation of CO2 hydrate growth
T. Buanes, B. Kvamme, A. Svandal
Journal of Crystal Growth, Volume 287, 2006

The phase-field theory applied to CO2 and CH4 hydrate
A. Svandal, B. Kvamme, L. Grànàsy, T. Pusztai, T. Buanes, J. Hove
Journal of Crystal Growth, Volume 287, 2006

Graviton-induced bremsstrahlung at e+ e- colliders
T. Buanes, E.W. Dvergsnes, P. Osland
The European Physical Journal C, Volume 35, Number 4, pp 555-566


Studies of the decay Bs->μ+μ- in the ATLAS experiment and saturation curves of silicon photomultipliers
Trygve Buanes
PhD thesis, University of Bergen, 2008

Mean-field approaches applied to hydrate phase transition kinetics
Trygve Buanes
PhD thesis, University of Bergen, 2008

Extra Dimensions and Graviton Induced Processes
Trygve Buanes
Cand. Scient. thesis, University of Bergen, 2003

I konferanse-proceedings

Prospects for Indirect Dark Matter Searches with the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)
J. Carr et al. For the CTA Consortium
ICRC2015 proceedings

Central Acceptance Testing for Camera Technologies for CTA
A. Bonardi et al. For the CTA Consortium
ICRC2015 proceedings

Experience with the AHCAL Calibration System in the Test Beam
G. Eigen and T. Buanes
LCWS08 proceedings

B, D and K decays
G. Buchalla et al
Report of Working Group 2 of the CERN Workshop ``Flavour in the era of the LHC'', Geneva, Switzerland, November 2005 -- March 2007

Towards a kinetic model for hydrate sealing of CO2 in reservoirs
B. Kvamme, L. Granasy, T. Kuznetsova, A. Svandal, T. Buanes
7th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-7), Vancouver, Canada, 5-9 Sept 2004

Hard bremsstrahlung photons from gravitons exchange
T. Buanes, E.W. Dvergsnes, P. Osland
International Conference on Linear Colliders, Paris, France, 19-24 Apr 2004


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